What is RxQ Antioxidant Complex?

What is RxQ Antioxidant Complex?

We are very excited to announce the release of a new and improved advanced concept formulation of antioxidants, RxQ Antioxidant Complex. Its proprietary antioxidant formula takes into consideration not only adding antioxidants that can rapidly be depleted but is mindful of the necessary other constituents that serve to help recycle some important antioxidant systems that are everywhere present in our body's. Unique to the RxQ Antioxidant Complex formulation are functional antioxidants that have additional properties that are not only to help protect and quench free radicals but have age reversing effects of helping to restore bone and lean body mass but also to help have cognitive memory and even mood enhancing effects.*

Oxidative stress occurs when unstable free radicals interact with molecules in the body, causing damage to the cellular DNA, proteins and other substances, and resulting in cellular malfunction and premature cell death. Multiple clinical research studies have linked oxidative stress with a host of serious acute and chronic medical conditions, including heart disease and dementia. While the body is able to fight off some of the effects of free radicals with its own natural stores of antioxidants, the daily barrage of pollutants and other factors that spur the development of free radicals is often insufficient. RxQ Antioxidant Complex was developed to supplement the body's natural defense system composed of vital antioxidant vitamins and minerals, as well as the amino acids that support antioxidant development.*

Oxidative stress and health and wellness

A lot of the damage done by oxidative stress is due to damage to cells' genetic material, or DNA. When the DNA inside a cell is damaged, it can affect the way the cell functions, causing it to die prematurely, multiply rapidly or behave in other unexpected and potentially dangerous ways. Damage at the cellular level may not sound serious, but because our cells control all the processes in our bodies, the effects can be significant.*

Antioxidants to the rescue!

Fortunately, the body has developed its own defense system to fight off free radical damage. This system uses antioxidants, molecules that are able to safely interact with free radicals and disable or "inactivate" them. Antioxidants battle free radicals from within the body, setting up a powerful defense that can prevent or negate the damage these highly-reactive molecules can cause. The most important antioxidants include vitamins A, C and E and selenium. Unlike a lot of micronutrients, many antioxidants cannot be manufactured by your body, or they are not manufactured in enough quantity to consistently fight off free radical damage. Antioxidants that are produced by the body rely on amino acids which are often lacking in modern diets. What's more, as we age, our bodies' natural production of some antioxidants declines, leaving us far more vulnerable to oxidative stress.*

For one thing, today's busy schedules can make it difficult to ensure we get all the nutrients we need each and every day to stay healthy. Even when we do try to eat a healthy, balanced diet, some nutrients just aren't easy to find in a lot of readily-available foods, and to get the required amounts of antioxidants and essential and non-essential amino acids would mean eating enormous portion sizes of some foods. A simpler and more direct way to get the antioxidants we need is to take supplements. Just as with food, it's important to be picky when choosing the right supplement.*

The custom solution for free radical damage

Unlike other antioxidant supplements, RxQ Antioxidant Complex was developed by a a noted nuclear medicine specialist and a family practitioner that focuses on the interactions between the environment and the systems and organs in the body. That means the supplement's proprietary formula has been created based on solid clinical research using safe and reliable methods consumers can rely on for optimal benefits.*

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