Beware of the Foods that Accelerate Premature Aging

Beware of the Foods that Accelerate Premature Aging

Premature aging is an increasing concern for people around the world. A myriad of research has demonstrated a link between premature aging and UV rays, air pollution and elevated stress levels, but you may not be aware of exactly how the food you eat contributes to the aging process.

Even small changes in your diet and cooking habits can make a significant difference in your overall health and aid in the battle against premature aging. The foods you put in your body will be reflected in what you see in the mirror and some will actually accelerate the aging process.

It can be especially difficult to manage what you eat, especially during summer grilling time and the holiday season. An excess of holiday parties may find you losing sleep and consuming a myriad of foods and beverages that promote the aging process. Don’t think you have to give up grilling or socializing with friends and family – just partake of smaller amounts.

The American Academy of Dermatology has identified 10 sources of consumables that contribute to aging and can actually make your visage appear up to 20 years older than your chronological age. They accelerate the formation of lines, wrinkles and inflammation that make you look old and worn.

1. Trans fats – causes chronic inflammation, dehydrates the skin, and may make you more susceptible to UV damage (margarine, chips and snacks, many cooking oils, fried and deep-friend foods)

2. Sugar – causes inflammation and damages collagen (energy drinks, soda, candy, artificial sweeteners)

3. Alcohol – depletes the body’s water resources, contains sugar molecules that combine with proteins that damages collagen, robs the body of vitamin A that’s an antioxidant, and doesn’t allow toxins to be broken down leading to acne, wrinkles and a sallow complexion

4. Processed carbs – causes inflammation and damages the skin’s collagen and elastin that helps it resist lines, wrinkles and sagging (pasta, pastries, bread, pizza crust, crackers, white flour, white rice)

5. Salt – makes your body retain water and gives you a puffy appearance (frozen meals and dinners)

6. Charred meat – blackened meat causes inflammation and breaks down collagen

7. Red meat – affects the body’s ability to create collagen

8. Spicy foods – large amounts of spice can make spider veins, redness and puffiness more noticeable, particularly during menopause

9. Processed meat – triggers inflammation and makes you look puffy (bacon, sausage, deli meat)

10. Caffeinated beverages – depletes the body’s moisture making it look old and dull (coffee, soda, tea)

An antioxidant supplement rich in amino acids can help in the fight against aging. Certain combinations of amino acids can stimulate the body’s natural production of HGH, a human growth hormone that works within the body to promote the production of collagen. RxQ Antioxidant Complex is a proprietary formula of amino acids and raw ingredients the body can begin to use immediately that may help reduce and mitigate premature aging.

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