Healthy Living in 5 Easy Steps

Healthy Living in 5 Easy Steps

More people are trying to live a healthier lifestyle and for many, that means endless hours in the gym and multiple bottles of dietary supplements. Before you can make informed decisions about living a healthier life, you must first define what that means. It encompasses much more than just being active and eating a healthy diet.

You have control over multiple facets of your life, but the things that are most detrimental to your health typically come from external sources. The most important things you can do for your own health and well-being is to be aware of what your body needs and know how to meet those requirements.

As early as your 20s, your body begins undergoing physical changes that are part of the natural aging process. Your body produces less collagen and amino acids that can lead to fine lines, wrinkles and reduced skin elasticity. Hair may begin to thin, you may experience sleep disturbances and your metabolism changes. Your immune system becomes less efficient and you become more susceptible to illness and disease.

Environmental factors accelerate those processes. Pollutants that enter your body create free radicals that damage the body at the cellular level. Your body produces its own natural antioxidant called glutathione that neutralizes free radicals, but to work efficiently it must have the nutrients to do so. You can live healthy with five easy steps.

Guilt free fruits and veggies

The world is full of vegetables and fruits that provide the nutrients your body needs. You don’t have to limit yourself to the latest vegetable craze. Consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables is a healthy choice and there’s no reason to feel guilty about not jumping on the latest vegetable craze.

Play at what you like

Get your exercise while playing games and engaging in activities you actually enjoy doing. Bowling, roller skating and dancing are all healthy ways to keep your body fit without the need to perform endless crunches. You’ll laugh and have fun, both of which are essential stress relievers

Reduce the stress

Stress is a primary producer of free radicals. Take whatever steps are necessary to make your life less stressful, whether it’s setting aside time to read a book, taking a yoga class or simply luxuriating in time alone.

Wear protection

Whether you’re protecting your lungs from air pollution or your skin from damaging UV rays, take the appropriate precautions. Limit your exposure to pollution that results in damaging free radicals that are damaging to your body and cognitive abilities.

Supplement your diet

You don’t have to have 20 bottles of supplements on the shelf to be healthy. A single supplement that provides your body with the raw nutrients your body needs to manufacture glutathione is sufficient. Your body will know how to best use those nutrients.
If your body isn’t getting what it needs, the signs of aging are more prevalent and your mental and physical health will suffer. Fortunately, healthy living doesn’t mean a lifetime of deprivation or feeling guilty for choosing green beans over kale. It simply means being mindful of how you care for your body.

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