What are the primary benefits?

1. RxQ Antioxidant Complex helps the body counter the effects of free radicals that can cause damage at the cellular level.*

2. Help protect against double-strand damage caused by some forms of oxidative stress in some cases with diagnostic X-rays.* (Please consult with your healthcare practitioner)

3. Additional beneficial effects may contribute to a sense of well-being during high intensity interval training and make individuals less susceptible to hydrocarbon doses.*

What is special about RxQ Antioxidant Complex?

RxQ Antioxidant Complex can help the body combat free radicals that accumulate in the body and cause damage to cells. Within the body, free radicals give an unneeded electron charge to a molecule, enzyme or receptor. It doesn't change the chemical, but can affect its position.*

Free radicals affect molecules in much the same way that static electricity affects the positioning of our hair, making it stand on end. Our body's functioning depends on how well the molecules in our body's work.

What are the cumulative benefits?

If used daily, RxQ Antioxidant Complex can be a significant formulation, as life enhancing as bathing or flossing one's teeth. Neither bathing or flossing explicitly make our bodies healthier in itself. But, they are both used to help preserve our teeth and bodies. RxQ Antioxidant Complex has the potential to do for the human metabolism what bathing and flossing do for our skin and our teeth.*

RxQ Antioxidant Complex is best thought of as metabolic hygiene to be used in “dirty” environments that create oxidative stress overloads that can chip away at our health prematurely. As chrome plating can prevent premature oxidation, RxQ Antioxidant Complex help maintain cell function in spite of oxidative stressors. RxQ Antioxidant Complex may mitigate damage that eventually leads to premature disability and loss of cellular function. RxQ Antioxidant Complex is a complex that is supported by the inherent antioxidant effects of the formulation.*

Who should use RxQ Antioxidant Complex? 

For those individuals who are faced with excessive oxidative stressors from busy and stressful lifestyles and for those concerned about long-term cell health may benefit from RxQ Antioxidant Complex:

  • exposed to diagnostic x-rays, mammograms, and CT Scans

  • engaged in air travel or daily commuting

  • engaged in outdoor activities
  • daily computer users

  • frequent sun bathers and tanning bed users

  • simultaneously exposed to the sun and air pollution

Is RxQ Antioxidant Complex safe?

RxQ Antioxidant Complex is safe at the recommended dosages. Pregnant or nursing women or those considering pregnancy or nursing should consult with their healthcare professional prior to using this product. 

What does all this mean?

This means that there are effective substances that may help maintain cellular health, function and viability, despite of toxins and oxidative stressful conditions that people are exposed to everyday that could prematurely wear out cellular infrastructure. We can go that extra mile.*

Is RxQ Antioxidant Complex 100% Natural? 

RxQ Antioxidant Complex contains one ingredient that is not considered natural. This ingredient is called, N-Acetyle L-Cysteine (NAC). This comes from the amino acid, L-Cysteine which are the building blocks of protein. NAC is included as we felt it was necessary for us to include in our formulation to provide cysteine, which is the most lacking amino acid for the body's production of gluthathione.*

Is RxQ Antioxidant Complex Gluten free? 

RxQ Antioxidant Complex is free of gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, stearic acid, silica, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, artificial color, flavor or preservative. The vegetarian capsules are also hypoallergenic. Our product is made with non-gmo ingredients.

What is the recommended dose?

Take one (1) capsule with meal, three (3) times a day, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.


Where is RxQ Antioxidant Complex manufactured?

RxQ Antioxidant Complex is manufactured in the State of California, United States, at a facility that is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered facility, GMP certified by the Natural Products Association (NPA) and NSF according to stringent quality and purity standards. Furthermore, our products are stored in a warehouse that is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliant.